Àfora Focus Edicions and Comanegra announce the Santa Eulàlia Prize for novels in Barcelona

June 16, 2022 | Àfora Editions

Barcelona, 16 June 2022

The Comanegra publishing house and Àfora Focus Edicions have presented at the Teatre Romea the new literary prize for novels set in Barcelona. An award that they jointly promote dedicated to unpublished work in Catalan that aims to encourage creation linked to the city, to welcome the plurality of views that intersect and to encourage narrative talent. With a financial endowment of € 25,000, the Santa Eulàlia award ceremony will be held on February 12 at an event at the Teatre Romea and will be published in early March in the “Narratives” collection of Comanegra.

The event was chaired by Daniel Martínez de Obregón, President of the Focus Group , and by Joan Sala, General Manager of the Comanegra publishing house. > who have explained how the proposal was born. Also speaking were Fèlix Riera, director of Àfora Focus Edicions , Jordi Puig, editorial director of Comanegrai and the president of the jury Francesco Ardolino.

The Santa Eulàlia Prize for novels in Barcelona becomes the best endowed in the country published by an independent publishing house and one of the leading literary prizes in the Catalan language.

The creation of a Barcelona novel award is an idea hatched over many years in Comanegra, which, since the expanded reissue of the legendary Barcelona pam a pam , has had an unalterable vocation for the historical essay and literature of the city. In Àfora Focus he has found the perfect partner to promote it with enough strength and ambition to make it one of the main publishing events of each season.

Àfora Focus Edicions, within the agora of Focus, is an editorial label to channel the needs for reflection and protect the will to remain in the activity of Àfora; to give conceptual and aesthetic relevance to selected texts and creators.

The jury for the first Santa Eulàlia Prize will be made up of Francesco Ardolino as president, Llucia Ramis , Enric H. March, Alba Cayón from Comanegra and Jordi González from the Focus Group.

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