The origins of old age. Mind and reality

January 29, 2024 | Fundació Romea, The 5th Wall

The reasoned passion of Marco Tulio Cicero in his plea in favor of old age De Senectute so that this stage of life is accepted and understood as a time where it is still possible to live and regenerate. Old age is perceived, as in antiquity, as a stage that separates us from the enjoyment of activities, which involves the progressive weakening of physical strength, the loss of pleasure or the siege of diseases; a stage shrouded in loneliness and claimed in some cases to social and family abandonment, as its members are not in a condition to care for their elders

The fight against old age leads us to the ideal of immortality that modern societies consider attainable, beyond the myths of the elixir of eternal youth. The dialogue between Victòria Camps and Mario Satz will focus on reflecting on the art of aging, which has nothing to do with the scientific and technological advances that operate outside of us, but is born within us; it is about preparing to age well and to accept, without resignation, the irremediable passage of time.

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